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Shawn Kinsella LMT, CNT specializes in therapeutic sports massage, injury rehabilitation, and sports nutrition in south east Portland Oregon. Professional and amateur athletes from many different sports including triathletes, cyclists, and runners seek out Shawn's expertise for one simple reason: "Results". He has a deep  understanding of the injuries and patterns associated with these and many other sports and has worked with athletic clubs such as Team in Training, Velo Club La Grange, and LA Tri Club providing pre and post event sports massage at a multitude of events on the west coast. Shawn has touched and helped hundreds of athletes to succeed in competition and excel in their sport.

An expert in scar tissue removal, exercise therapy, and whole body realignment Shawn will get you back to your training program as quickly as possible. You don't need to be injured to benefit from a sports massage. In fact receiving regular "tune ups" will not only help prevent injury, but improve athletic performance by leaps and bounds. The increase in circulation and  flexibility gained by removing old scar tissue and adhesions will change your life and your game.

Having been an athlete his entire life Shawn understands the demands physically and mentally in training and preparing for competition. He trained for over a decade in Muay Thai Kickboxing previously competing at an amateur level and has experience both in the ring and also as an assistant trainer and corner man with Van Nuys Muay Thai gym. When he's not in the office treating clients you can find him Crossfit training at Crossfit PE, running the trails of Forest Park, cycling the Springwater Corridor, swimming with the Portland Tri Club, Surfing at Short Sands, charging down the slopes at Meadows, and occasionally paddling on the Willamette. He has an understanding of the demands on the body and pitfalls when injury occurs that can only be learned through experience.

What to expect in a session:
We work on a massage table when using deep tissue techniques addressing scar tissue, and myofascial issues. When addressing flexibility and to facilitate range of motion and elongation techniques we work on a massage mat in athletic clothing much like in Thai Massage.

Kinesio taping, graston technique, or fire cupping may be used as needed and exercise therapy may be given as home work as a part of the session

Sports Nutrition sessions are designed to balance your diet to align with your unique metabolic type which will optimize your energy and performance level. Look at our Nutritional Therapy page to learn more.


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