Five Bodies Healing

For over 20 years minga lily has been bringing healing to her students and clients. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern knowledge she has developed her own unique healing system called the Five Bodies Healing Method. 

What is the Five Bodies Healing Method?

To achieve optimum health, each individual must... Click here to read more

Nutritional Therapy

Since 2007 Certified Nutritional Therapist Shawn Kinsella CNT, LMT has helped people of all ages and walks of life to regain their health through diet and lifestyle guidance. 

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses food as the source of healing for disease, illness and general malaise. It utilizes the wisdom of our ancestors and... Click here to read more




Sports Massage

Sports Massage Pdx
Therapeutic Sports Massage ~ Injury Rehab ~ Sports Nutrition

Shawn Kinsella LMT, CNT specializes in therapeutic sports massage, injury rehabilitation, and sports nutrition in south east Portland Oregon. Professional and amateur athletes from many different sports including triathletes, cyclists, and runners seek out Shawn's expertise... Click here to read more