Squash Blossom Fritters

This summer treat makes my heart sing. Its a clear sign the garden is going well because enough squash is blossoming at a time that I can do a round of fritters. Many recipes call for sparkling wine in the batter, but I found a recipe that uses mineral water and it tastes divine! I picked about 15 squash blossoms last week and looks like I will be making this again over the weekend. Feeling blessed by the squash deity!

Succulent Grilled Lamb Tongue

As I child I saw braised tongue at my friends houses and thought it was a horrible thing: mushy and tasteless. Recently my dear friend, Ajna moved to Hawaii and when she cleared her freezer she gave us a pile of wonderful frozen meats, including a cow tongue. We weren't sure what to think, so I started my research. Following the recipe below we prepared the tongue with trepidation. We took our first bite and knew we were hooked! Tongue is one of the most delicious meats EVER!! This year we have had lamb tongues from Sudan Farms almost every week we have been able to grill. If you feel hesitant, you have to go for it. You'll be glad you did.

Goan Fish Curry

We were at the coast early summer and had a pile of fish from the local fish market and all I could think about was fish curry. I was short on ingredients, but I knew that at home I have everything I need to create a coconut creamy curry, sour with tamarind. 

Moroccan Saffron Lamb

We were getting food from a moroccan food cart this winter and I was standing in the rain as they prepared our food. Mohamed, chef poured some hot soup into a cup for me to warm me up and it was the most delicious fragrant lamb stew! I asked him if I might have a serving of it to go and he laughed. He told me that was his super, not for sale. I became obsessed. Looking online I was able to find a recipe that came close to the pleasure of that rainy night. 

Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chop

This recipe has the lovely Greek influence of fresh or freshly dried oregano which is just bursting forth with the spring rains. I have been marinading the lamb overnight before grilling it so that the flavors are wonderfully blended. Arm steaks are not the most tender cut but have an amazing flavor and a little piece of marrow that makes eating perfect!