Fermented Spring Carrots

Spring carrots are small, crisp and sweet, perfect for the fermenting jar! No need to cut them, just trim off the top and tip. They become sour and stay super crisp for months. I'm still experimenting and will let you know just how long they stay crisp, but so far they have beat cucumber pickles with crispness.

Salt Cured Cherry Blossom

I was struck dumb by this specialty of Kyoto when I saw it in Saveur magazine: not a recipe, but jars imported for a huge price. Wait a minute! We have cherry trees in abundance in Portland! I started gathering them right away. This year I know where all the best cherry trees are and began picking early in the season. The result is beautiful and the flavor exquisite. Use them in desserts, salads and salad dressings, to flavor tea. 

Salt Cured Olives

Last year I noticed a couple of small olive trees on my way to work. The olives were ripe and dropping onto the side walk. Being the mad forager that I am, I gathered up a small pile and looked into curing them. This is the method that has worked best for me and I am now on my third batch of olives with the itch to gather more this week. I found a new tree and littered with small black olives and with this method we should be well olived all year long.They are richly delicious, salty, umami and teasingly bitter.