Thai Chicken Broth

This is a lovely delicate broth for making all kinds of Asian dishes including Kao Man Gai! I always have some in the freezer for easy meals when work goes late. So any of my soup recipes has it as a base.


4 litres of water

Carcass of one chicken, 4 chicken backs, or about one and a half pounds of chicken bones+ skin or the same of wings

1 onion peeled & quartered

2 celery ribs

2 cloves of garlic

1 inch piece of ginger

tablespoon coriander seeds

3 springs of cilantro or coriander

white pepper corns


1-Place all the ingredients together in a pot except the salt. Cook in the pressure cooker for 30 min or the stovetop for 4 hours at a simmer. Or cook for 3 or 4 days on the stove top as mentioned above. When done with cooking add salt to taste.

2-Strain when cool enough, but still warm. When cool enough to handle pick the meat, fat and cartilage off the bones. If using for healing, return solids the broth and blend. Eat or freeze.