Japanese Pork Broth Recipe

This year I have been grilling my pork bones before making this broth, but it is delicious with fresh (often frozen) bones as well. Pork fat is rich in vitamin D and has, like olive oil 10% of the omega-6 fatty acid. Just make sure you are getting the pasture raised pork bones and all that lovely fat is power food!!


4 litres of water/twice

3-4 lbs of pork bones or a ham hock (not smoked)

2 inch piece of kombu seaweed

2 sprigs of cilantro

1 medium leek cut into rounds

5 cloves of garlic whole unpeeled

2 inch piece of ginger sliced

pepper corns black or white

1- For a delicious rich flavor, fry the garlic (skin on), leek & ginger in lard until browned.

2-Place all the ingredients together in a pot except the salt. Cook in a stock pot or a slow cooker for 6 hours at a simmer. Because pork is a dense meat & the bones are very thick you can when you turn this broth down you can cook it at a very low heat for several days. I just turn it off when I leave the house if its on the stove top.

3-When done with cooking add salt to taste. Strain when cool enough but still warm. Ham hock has a thick skin which needs to be removed.  When cool enough to handle pick the meat, fat and cartilage off the bones and put into the broth and blend or add to soup you are making. Eat or freeze.