Succulent Grilled Lamb Tongue

As I child I saw braised tongue at my friends houses and thought it was a horrible thing: mushy and tasteless. Recently my dear friend, Ajna moved to Hawaii and when she cleared her freezer she gave us a pile of wonderful frozen meats, including a cow tongue. We weren't sure what to think, so I started my research. Following the recipe below we prepared the tongue with trepidation. We took our first bite and knew we were hooked! Tongue is one of the most delicious meats EVER!! This year we have had lamb tongues from Sudan Farms almost every week we have been able to grill. If you feel hesitant, you have to go for it. You'll be glad you did.

Make sure to save the braising liquid to make your next round of tongues. The flavor of the broth keeps improving. We have had ours going for almost 9 months.


2 lbs lamb tongues

1 onion

2 carrots

small bunch of parsley

bay leaf

salt pepper

a quart and a half of water

lemon & salt to garnish

1- Put the lamb tongues, vegetables and herbs in a slow cooker or pot and braise over a low heat for about 4 hours. Check for tenderness with a fork.

2- Allow the tongues to cool before peeling the out skin off leaving the tender meat inside whole.

3- Grill the tongues over a medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side; until brown and crisp. Because the meat was braised it doesn't need to sit after grilling.

Slice and serve with chunky salt and a squeeze of lemon. We love to eat them with taro tortillas and guacamole as pictured.