Fall Vegetable Soup

We laughingly call this vegetable soup because it it full of veggies, but don't make the mistake of thinking it won't be a satisfying meal! If you make the broth with beef ribs, marrow bones and knuckles it will be meaty and full of luscious collagen and fat. Make sure to make a big pot of soup so that you have enough for another meal or two.


1 medium onion

2 zucchini (different colors if you can find them)

2 small carrots

1 celery stalk

¼ of a head of cauliflower (about a cup and a half)

1 small sweet potato (or half of a larger one)

1 small parsnip or turnips

½ cup parsley

1 ½ cup green beans

1  cup peas

2 quarts beef broth 

1-Dice all the vegetables in even pieces. Save the green beans, peas and parsley to add near the end of cooking so they stay green and crisp.

2-Skim some fat off of the broth as you pour in the pan. Heat the broth in a large pot on low

3- Use the fat from the broth in a pan to brown the vegetables, all but the last three greens.

4-When fragrant and slightly browned add them to the heated broth. Cook over low heat until tender half and hour to 45 minutes. Stir in the parsley, green beans and peas 7-10 minutes before serving. Serve hot and freeze what ever is left for another amazing meal on another day.