Bamboo Shoot Chicken Soup

This is one of the simplest dishes but so subtle and delicious that I find my self longing for it when I need comfort food of the most delicate kind. Its delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so I usually make enough for at least three meals for two. I do not add any extras because they distract from the very delicate sweet flavor of the bamboo shoots. Canned bamboo shoots do not work with this dish, so if you can’t find fresh ones get the parboiled kind at the Asian store. My dream is that some one growing bamboo here in Portland will make their bamboo shoots available to me. Any one?

Using the whole chicken leg is important to get the silky texture of the soup, as the there is enough connective tissue and marrow to make the soup rich.

Its one of the simplest recipes I know for a gentle cooking day.


  • 1 lb bamboo shoots
  • 6 chicken legs (drumstick and thigh together)
  • water
  • red boat fish sauce and/ or salt


1: Place the chicken legs into a pot with 3 quarts of cool water and heat slowly

2: Slice the bamboo shoots into thin slices or chop into slivers

3: Add the bamboo shoots to the soup when it simmers. Cook for two hours at least before eating. Longer cooking leads to more flavor so make sure you have enough for leftovers. Eat it hot for the most comfort!