Garlic Okra

Sungold Farms surprised me this year with one of my favorite vegetables, okra! I am getting it every week until the season ends. I love it cooked simply and with just a few ingredients to support their subtle flavor. Of course, I wouldn’t refuse a gumbo and can make a mean one, but when it comes to a week night meal there is nothing like garlic okra as a supporting dish to your main. Tonight it was grilled pork chops and garlic okra. Yummmm


  • 1 lb of okra (tough end cut off two on your head for green devil horns)
  • 2 tbs of garlic
  • bacon fat or lard
  • a pour of olive oil
  • salt


1: Heat about 3 tbs of fat in the pan and place the okra in the hot fat. Cook covered for about 5 minutes stirring two or three times so they become browned. Add a little water if it becomes dry enough to stick

2: Add the garlic and cook until garlic is fragrant and brown

3: Plate and add a bit of olive oil. Top with crunchy salt and serve hot.