Seared Escarole

Escarole has become one of my favorite winter vegetables. It is most delicious on the grill, but pan searing is easier when it’s cold out. The lemon anchovy sauce is a must!

When searing vegetables in the pan, be sure to not add to many at one time or they release liquid that makes the whole dish soggy. The trick to use a HOT pan so the juice is sealed in and the vegetables stay crisp.



1-Quarter the escarole by cutting long ways. You will have four spears of greens and probably some wayward leaves. Use them all.

2- Heat the skillet to a high heat. Place the escarole a spear or two at a time on the dry pan. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side. Transfer to a serving dish.

3- Drizzle with Lemon Anchovy Sauce. Its an excellent side or snack.