Garlic Green Beans

We have these crisp beans almost once a week when we are super busy and have little time to cook. My garlic fetish is satisfied and I can have all the pieces ready in advance to throw into the wok. If you are having an asian meal, red boat fish sauce can replace the salt. Of course this is a perfect side for holiday meals!


  • 1 lb fresh crisp green beans
  • 4 cloves of garlic finely chopped
  • 2 tbs of fat (today I am using bacon grease)
  • sea salt (I love coarse salt in this recipe because it such a lovely texture)


  1. Trim the green beans. Feel free to chop them into small pieces or keep them long. Your preference is what is important

  2. Place the fat in a wok or pan. When it is hot add the garlic and cook until fragrant and browned, about 3 minutes in hot oil.

  3. Add the green beans and toss in the oil and garlic until the green beans brighten in color. Salt to taste and toss.

  4. As soon as they are bright, transfer to a serving dish and serve hot.