Spring Fava Greens

Yesterday we grilled a boneless lamb roast in the back yard. Early summer feeling days this spring! Take advantage of them because you never know what tomorrow will bring. We have an unexpected abundance of garlic growing wild in our back yard. They came up last year and this year they are back. So we picked some to throw on the grill.  We had a Portland farmers market treat we purchased for the first time: fava greens! We used grilled green garlic, but you can use cloves if you don’t have fresh on hand. Ever since we found it in our garden, we are seeing it everywhere. Poke around your neighborhood and see what you can find.

Spring Fava Greens

3 fresh garlic stems or 5 garlic cloves roughly chopped

1 bunch of fava greens

2 tablespoons of oil. I use pork fat. Butter, coconut or duck fat would work as well, each imparting a distinctly different flavor to your dish

a couple of pinches of sea salt or pink salt, larger grains are tasty for this dish

1: wash the fava greens and dry them well. chop and use the whole thing as the stems are crisp and tender as well.

2: heat the pan until it sizzles when a drop of water is sprinkled on it. Add the oil and as soon as it melts completely, add the garlic.

3: toss the fava greens into the pan and stir until just beyond the wilted point.

4: slide them onto a serving dish and sprinkle with salt. Serve with any meal and enjoy the taste of spring!