Since 2007 Certified Nutritional Therapist Shawn Kinsella CNT, LMT has helped people of all ages and walks of life to regain their health through diet and lifestyle guidance. 


What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses food as the source of healing for disease, illness and general malaise. It utilizes the wisdom of our ancestors and is the science of your body's interaction with food.

Our Nutritional Therapy Counseling will show you how to thrive Not just survive

~boost your immune system
~look and feel younger
~prevent disease
~allergy testing

How It works-

Our decades of experience and study healing our own digestive and organ systems, and seeing clear results working with clients allows us to create a comprehensive plan for your own transformation.

The first step in our Nutritional Therapy is a Free 15 minute consultation in which we review current symptoms you may be experiencing and discuss how our nutrition program will improve your health. All sessions thereafter are 60minutes. We need 2- 1 hour sessions to establish your personal protocol (one week apart). In these first two sessions you learn the basics of nutrition and we will take an  extensive look at current lifestyle and habits. By using a thorough physical exam we can determine organ and system function and rule out much guesswork or assumptions as to what your body may need for optimal health. From these first 2 sessions you will have a comprehensive plan designed just for you and be well on your way to regain your health. Follow up appointments (critical to the program) are 1 month apart.

Our nutritional counseling is based on four basic principals:
1-Diet- what you take in
2-Organ function- what needs balancing
3-Supplementation- balancing
4-Cleansing- what you get rid of

Diet- There are foods that are healthful to some and can cause allergic reactions or be problematic for others. Discover how You were meant to eat and regain control of your health, weight, and life.

Organ function- Because many of us have lead unhealthy lifestyles in the past or just haven’t discovered guidance to bring us to optimal health our organs have had to struggle with our poor choices. From digestion to assimilation and elimination- Discover which organs need your attention.

Supplementation- Farming practices over the last 100 years have severely depleted planting soil of minerals and vital nutrients our bodies need to maintain a normal level of health. Often times supplementation is needed to repair digestion and regain your health. Discover not only just what you need to restore organ function but in what quantities, using the highest quality superfoods and supplements available.

Cleansing- Our bodies are constantly cleansing and eliminating toxins and wastes from what we choose take in and from our environment. Even the highest functioning body needs a seasonal spring cleaning. As was common knowledge in all ancient cultures we need to take active steps to restore normal organ function and optimal health through various cleansing techniques.



Shawn is currently in graduate school for acupuncture and herbal medicine, so is not taking new clients at this time.

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