How to Avoid Creating Scar Tissue and Heal It

I recommend no matter what your sport or activity to warm up the muscles you’ll be using before you start your workout with dynamic movements. You can borrow some exercises from a polymeric type workout but lower the intensity to about 60-70%. This will allow the fluids in the muscles and surrounding tissues to increase in volume, lubricating tissues that should slide easily over one another and increasing flexibility in the muscles to avoid a strain.

Chronic Pain Caused by Scar Tissue

Many people suffer from chronic muscle pain, from athletes to office workers, and are not aware of the source of their pain. The truth is there are many reasons for muscle pain, from diet, to dehydration, to what seems more obvious- musculoskeletal injuries. Let's look at injuries as a source of mysterious muscle pain, which is often the case even when you’re not aware of how or when they happened.