American-born and raised in Thailand, minga’s first contact with the healing that has become her life’s practice began at the age of 8, with her introduction to Thai massage. At 16, she returned to the States and embarked on journey that would take her from the adversity of homelessness on the streets of San Francisco all the way to the ivy-covered halls of Yale University, where her Eastern-cultured mind met the study of developmental psychology in Yale’s prestigious child development program and the rigors of the pre-medical program.

From Yale, she graduated with the skills and talents of a teacher – and the ulcerated colon of a stressed, highly achieving student. She also suffered chronic pain from knee injuries, torn muscles in her lower back  and amenorrhea. Doctors told her she would never recover from these conditions completely and would require medication for the rest of her life. But from her experiences in childhood, minga knew there was another way. In 1992, she returned to Thailand, which she calls her “heart’s home,” and commenced a journey of personal healing while living amongst the indigenous Lahu people of northern Thailand.

Under the guidance of her mentor, teacher and friend Asokananda, author of The Art of Traditional Thai Massage, minga spent three years there engaged in the rigorous study and practice of meditation and traditional healing methods, including Thai medicine and yoga. This, along with her pre-med history, gave her a solid grounding in the physiology, structure and mechanics of the body and the flow of prana, as well as an acute understanding of the habits and tendencies of the mind.

Her body healed and her mind ripe with these ancient and long-proven practices, minga returned to the States committed to bringing more options for wellness to a culture that has become overly reliant on pharmaceuticals and has lost touch with knowledge and wisdom about the body’s innate ability to heal itself when we provide it the right conditions.

She has furthered her studies with Joseph and Lilian Le Paige in the IYT method and has taught at their center Montanha Encantada in Brazil since 2008.

As her professional work has developed over the past twenty years, primarily in New York and California, minga has constantly refined the practice of her Five Bodies Healing Method. Based in the ancient philosophy of Vedanta, the structure underlying yoga and much of Eastern thought, Five Bodies Healing work seeks to achieve balance and harmony on all Five Bodies (or koshas): physical, energetic, mental/emotional, psychological/belief systems, and the body of spirit/subtle connections. Using a mixture of movement, education, nutritional recommendations, mindful awareness and dialogue, minga assists students and individual clients in understanding the trouble they have with areas of chronic pain and injury, and helps them find effective ways of releasing stuck energy and rediscovering their wellness – or perhaps finding it for the first time ever.

Daily, she celebrates the ability of each person to engage in natural healing processes and to develop a practice of self-care from which optimal health can emerge and blossom. Her greatest desire is to lead others to find the unique practices that will sustain a lifetime of growing awareness, understanding, ability and willingness to attend to all Five Bodies. She approaches all her work with loving kindness and patience for the healing process.

Now making her home in Oregon, minga maintains practices in Portland, Berkeley and Los Angeles. She welcomes students of all levels to her self-care classes and workshops. For individual sessions, minga prefers to work with students who are motivated to carry their learning forward and integrate these healing methods into their daily lives.

You may contact minga directly at minga@mettariver.com.