For over 20 years minga lily has been bringing healing to her students and clients. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern knowledge she has developed her own unique healing system called the Five Bodies Healing Method. 

What is the Five Bodies Healing Method?

To achieve optimum health, each individual must discover and develop a self-care practice unique to their physical capacities, energetic temperament and mental and emotional health. In today’s highly fragmented health care system, with information coming to us from many sources who thrive and profit on a mixture of confusion and pharmaceutical marketing, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what you need to do to enjoy the vitality of your healthiest self. Thankfully, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors long ago provided us a roadmap to attaining and sustaining your best health.

The Five Bodies Healing Method is an integrative, holistic approach to health and self-care. Based on the ancient philosophy of Vedanta, the philosophical framework that underlies much of Eastern thought and gave birth to the millennials-old practice of yoga, our approach to healthcare works to restore and maintain balance. Over the light of individual consciousness, the Vedic sages identified Five Bodies composing each human’s structure:

First Body (annamaya kosha) – the material or “food” body: bones, tissue, fluid

Second Body (pranamaya kosha) – the energetic “air” body, the vitalizing force that bridges mind and body

Third Body (manomaya kosha) – the mental and emotional body, the seat of “mind” and the internal and external experiences of emotion

Fourth Body (vijnanamaya kosha) – the body of belief systems, from which our meanings and personal narratives emerge

Fifth Body (anadamaya kosha) – the body of bliss and subtle connections, this gives us our sense of belonging and our sense of awe

When any of the Five Bodies are out of balance, illness, chronic pain and inflammation, mental health concerns, existential anxieties or spiritual disconnection – perhaps all of them at once – can be prominent experiences of life. Rather than taking the bodies apart, having one isolated expert treat one body – and likely only a small fragment of it at that – while ignoring the other four, the Five Bodies Healing Method gives practitioners a wider lens through which to view emerging symptoms.

To awaken healing is to explore the realm of experience within each of the bodies and to develop personalized, meaningful ways of treating areas of imbalance. This may involve energy work, nutritional recommendations, body movement practices, take-home exercises, Thai medicine, and exploration of the psychological and emotional meanings of the symptoms on each body. The goal is an integrated holistic approach to healing from which a lifetime practice of self-attentiveness and self-care results.

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