Winter to Spring Practice:

minga lily will be teaching a winter semester of classes at the Healthy Living Family Medicine Studio on Tuesdays and Fridays!
Using the tools of yoga to connect with and balance your self as the fall turns into winter. Come in with an intention and learn which poses best help to open and heal your whole self.  This series is accessible to everybody. January 9 & 12 through March 20 & 23.

Each series, Tuesday and Friday is 11 classes long: $170 each with a further discount if you do them both. Single classes are $20 each.

4-5:30pm @ Healthy Living Family Medicine 3605 SE 26th Ave Portland OR 97214
You MUST register for the whole series or for each class you plan to attend due to VERY limited space

Self Care Essentials: Roll & Release into the New Year

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Roll & Release is back at YogaNW in the New Year! 
January 20,  2018

Have a foam roll and don’t know the best ways to use it? Need to feel released, open and deeply relaxed? minga is an expert in foam rolling and can help you! Foam rolling helps increase circulation, detoxes the body, removes adhesions that stretching cannot address, and it's fun. You will feel transformed!

@ YogaNW 1901 NW 26th Ave. Portland, OR 97210

Our classes

Self Care Essentials:
- Winter to Spring Practice @ Healthy Living Family Medicine, 3605 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
-Roll & Release in the New Year @ YogaNW 1901 NW 26th Ave. Portland, OR 97210